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Geneva: Kurdish National Council publishes position paper on federalism

KurdWatch, August 6, 2016—From July 5 to 8, 2016, the Kurdish National Council in Syria held a meeting in Geneva. At the meeting, members of the external committee as well as the chairman Ibrahim Biro took part. In conclusion, the Kurdish National Council published a position paper in which they argued that a federal solution would be in the interest of all Syrians, not just the Kurdish population. Federalism encourages democratic structures since decision‑making powers are divided across several levels. In this way, more different groups can be included into the political process than in a centralized system and in many cases problems can be more effectively and swiftly resolved. A federal model fosters a genuine political integration of the population and a consideration of different political positions and interests.

A statute for a federal Kurdish region was also adopted at the meeting, which will soon be made public. It should serve as the foundation for a discussion with the Arab opposition as well as other Kurdish groups and individuals.


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