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Al-Qamischli: Chief editor of the independent radio station Hêvî abducted

KurdWatch, December 24, 2015—The Asayiş, the security service of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), have detained Amir Murad, chief editor of the independent radio station »Hêvî« in al‑Qamischli since the early afternoon of December 22, 2015. Murad went to the Asayiş after employees of the security service turned up at his workplace in his absence to take him away. Initially, he was meant to be interrogated for only one hour; later the Asayiş declared that he would be freed after fourty-eight hours.

Activists on the ground assume that the kidnapping is meant to intimidate »Hêvî« employees. An activist backed this assumption to KurdWatch as follows: »On December 12 there was suddenly a false report on the radio website of Hêvî that the Asayiş leader, Jiwan Ibrahim, is dead. The Hêvî team immediately removed the message and made it known that its website has been hacked and they weren’t responsible for the news. Nevertheless, the PYD announced that it would hold Hêvî accountable in court. The crazy thing is that the website of Yekîtî‑Media, a site that has often criticized the PYD, was also hacked and the same news report was published. Supposedly, legal proceedings are also pending against Yekîtî‑Media. I think PYD hacked the sites and published the false report to have a pretext to act against Yekîtî-Media and Hêvî. It’s all about intimidation, nothing else.«

Currently Radio Hêvî has no control over its website. It was taken over by hackers.


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