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Al Yaʿrubiyah: Arab activist died in PYD imprisonment

KurdWatch, February 15, 2016—On January 30, 2016, employees of the Asayiş, the security service of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), informed the relatives of ʿImad Muhammad al‑Muwais that he has been dead almost a year. The Arab activist and jurist is from the village of Kuraifat, which is located around twenty kilometers northwest of al‑Yaʿrubiyah (Tel Koçer). He had been abducted from his house by Asayiş' employees eighteen months earlier. At the time, they also took his laptop. Four months after the kidnapping, his next of kin were allowed to visit him once in the PYD jail. Afterwards they received no further information concerning his whereabouts. On February 10, the family was given his remains. Under pressure from the Asayiş, he had to be buried that same night in his home village.


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