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Geneva: Kurdish National Council demands the removal of head of delegation

KurdWatch, March 30, 2016—On March 25, 2016 the Kurdish National Council demanded in a statement the removal of Asʿad az‑Zuʿbi, the head of the negotiating delegation for the Syrian opposition at the peace talks in Geneva. The background was the republication of an interview az‑Zuʿbi had given a year before. In it he said that the weaknesses and destruction of the Arab nation started when the caliphs took power in the Arab world, whose mothers were of Kurdish or Turkmen heritage. Further, he estimated the Kurdish population of Syria as one per cent of the total population. At another point in the interview he was indignant that in the time of Hafiz al‑Assad the Kurds only wanted a paper to prove their personhood whereas today they had demands. They wanted to create their own states and separate regions and be like everyone else. He didn't reproach the USA for not standing up on the side of the Syrian people, unlike those »filthy countries« like Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon, since it is knew that the USA hated Arabs and Muslims.


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