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ʿAfrin: Democratic Yekîtî demands a unified Kurdish negotiation delegation

KurdWatch, April 17, 2016—On April 3, 2016, members of Sheikh Ali’s Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Democratic Yekîtî) held a rally in front of their party office in ʿAfrin. Around one hundred participants demanded the unity of Syrian Kurds, the formation of a common negotiating delegation from the Kurdish National Council in Syria and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) at the peace talks in Geneva as well as the end to the siege on Sheikh Maqsud [further information]. In addition, one poster at the rally condemned the »attacks by the Turkish army on the Kurdish cities in North Kurdistan«.

Currently, the Kurdish National Council has two representatives as part of the opposition’s delegation in Geneva. The PYD, however, is not a part of the opposition and has not been invited to participate as an independent group.


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